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At Niamini, our guiding principle is “Patient First.” We are committed to partnering with like-minded hospitals that share our core values of providing Quality care at affordable rates.

India, currently ranked 10th in the Medical Tourism Index, serves as the cornerstone of our ambitious journey towards becoming the world’s foremost healthcare destination. Our goal is to deliver superior care at accessible rates, setting new benchmarks in global healthcare excellence.

Key Statistics:

The global MVT market boasts a staggering valuation of USD 60-80 billion, with over 14 million patient crosses borders for medical tourism.
India has witnessed a substantial surge in international patients, from 4.3 lakhs in 2016 to 7 lakhs in 2019, contributing to an estimated market size of USD 5-6 billion in 2019. Our mission is to secure a significant share of this thriving market.

Our Approach:

At Niamini, we take pride in our transparent and patient-centric approach:

No Facilitation Fees: Unlike prevalent industry norms of charging facilitation fees ranging from 15-40%, we do not impose such costs. This empowers you to provide cost-effective care to our patients. We charge a nominal fee, applicable only upon the provision of medical opinions and cost estimations, not when receiving inquiries.

High Quality Hospitals: We seek collaboration with highly experienced doctors and hospitals, preferably holding accreditations like NABH. Our preference lies in working with cities connected via international routes, ensuring our patients can access your facility swiftly.

We facilitate an extensive penetration for you into countries where we establish long-lasting impacts.

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