What is a Hernia?
Hernias usually happen when your muscles are weak, and you strain them. It’s when an organ or tissue pushes through a weak spot in your muscles or connective tissues.

Types of Hernia:
There are different types of hernias, like inguinal, femoral, umbilical, and incisional hernias.

Symptoms of Hernia:
Noticeable lump or bulge, and it might be uncomfortable or painful. Sometimes, the lump feels disappear when you lie down.

Causes of Hernia:
Being overweight, lifting heavy objects, getting older, having a chronic cough, or being constipated can increase your chances of getting a hernia.

There are two main methods for hernia treatment:

  1. Traditional Open Surgery:
  2. Laparoscopic Surgery: It’s a modern, less invasive approach where small incisions are made, and a camera and special tools are used to fix the hernia with a mesh.
    Laparoscopy surgery has some advantages like less pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery.

Home Remedies & Prevention:
You can reduce your risk of hernias with some simple lifestyle changes like:

  1. Eat more fiber to avoid constipation.
  2. Don’t overeat; maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Be careful when lifting heavy things.
  4. Quit smoking.

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